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Sample Applications

ATS BLDC engines are extremely versatile: Machine construction, aviation, wind power plants, roller coasters, transport systems, industrial trucks, automated guided vehicles and much more.

We will find a perfect solution for any special requirement to fix your needs.
ATS-Sample: Elektric Car
Sample Application: Electric Car Engine
ATS Sample: Boat Engine
Sample Application: Boat Engine
Using electronic commutation of the engine's phase current, durable engines can be produced which require no or low maintenance.
Sophisticated Design leads to engines with an excellent dynamic.

For speed between 1200 min-1 and 6000 min-1 a torque stall range from 0,6 Nm to 99,5 Nm is covered.
Higher torque can be achieved (e.g. by mounting an external fan).
ATS Sample: Hoisting Rope System
Sample Application: Rope Hoist

Customer's benefits: High flexibility on low costs.