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Key Benefits using ATS BLDC Engines

brushless, requires no maintenance
Feedback systems
hollow shaft resolver, brushless tacho with rotor position sensor, optical sensors e.g. ERN1387, SCM50, etc.
High protection class
Standard: IP 64; optional IP 65
Excellent dynamic
Realised by low inertia moments
Nominal torque
Reaching nominal torque at each speed which is less or equal rated speed in continuous operation mode (S1)
High range of speed control
Depending on the used encoder system and associated servo amplifier
Various Options
Mounting of holding brake/incremental sensor/drives/fan, special shaft (e.g. hollow shaft, teethed shaft or 2nd shaft end, etc.), non-standard speeds (up to 10.000 min-1), reduced radial and axial tolerances, etc.
various servo amplifiers
DC link voltage according to customer's needs